Managing Sickness Absence

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Managing Sickness Absence

 Sickness absence is inevitable. It is crucial that it is tackled in a way that is fair and transparent, but what does that mean?

It is common for employers to record absences, but the question that follows is what is done with that information?

  • Is there intervention once a certain level of absence is reached?
  • Are return to work meetings being held?
  • Are measures in place to support people back to work and minimise sickness?

Managing sickness absence can be challenging, particularly when it has been over a substantial period of time or when an employee has been signed off with stress. It is important that a process is in place regarding how sickness absence is managed. Early intervention means that organisations are best placed to nip problems in the bud and enable the individual to return to work sooner than may have otherwise been the case.

We are experienced in offering support in this area. Whether you need a sickness absence policy, training such as  how to conduct return to work meetings or simply do not know what you should do when a person goes off sick, we can help . Either sign up for one of our HR support packages or get in touch to discuss how we can support you on an ad-hoc basis. 

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