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Recruitment Selection

 Choosing the right person for a role is critical for the success of any organisation. It is all too familiar for an employer to discover that the newly appointed person is not what had been hoped for, but where did it all go wrong when everything seemed so promising?

To begin with, the work involved in securing the right person happens long before the interview. Precisely define all the requirements needed to attract an applicant who can perform the role effectively. Consider the level of qualifications and skills that are needed as a minimum as well as previous experience. This prevents any misunderstanding around role expectations and improves the likelihood of enticing your ideal candidate who may not otherwise have applied due to how the position was described.

Next, there is the interview process. With any luck, you have several applicants who have passed the initial selection process, but how do you decide who gets the job? Prepare for the interviews in advance and decide:

  • What information do you want to gather?
  • What questions will get the information you want?
  • How can you assess their future competence and behaviour from their previous experience?
  • Which questions should you avoid?
  • If you just use questions, how do you assess who is best for the job?
  • Do you set a test?

Recruitment selection is a process, and by going through the steps correctly you dramatically increase the chances of making the right decision. If you would like to discuss a particular issue or would like training in this area, we would be delighted to hear from you. Either sign up for one of our HR support packages or get in touch to discuss how we can support you on an ad-hoc basis.

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