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We know that having a problem at work can cause you to feel stressed, frustrated, angry and powerless all at the same time…especially if it seems like the odds are stacked against you.

But don’t worry… we can help.

Plotkin & Chandler Limited is a claims management company regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. We have expertise in all aspects of employment law and regularly provide Employment Tribunal representation.

If you haven’t already seen it the first thing we would recommend is reading our blog – ‘What to do if you feel you’re being mistreated at work’, this will give you the first steps to think about and information on the options for getting help.

One of the options you can choose is to use us at Plotkin and Chandler, and there are two ways that we can help you through the issue.

  • No win, No fee service*
  • Hourly Rate service

When you book your FREE case review call we will give you an honest assessment of whether we can move forward with you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.* If this isn’t possible because of the risk factors, but you want to proceed, then we can always take your case forward with an hourly rate arrangement.

No Win, No Fee Service

The beauty of No Win, No Fee* for a client is that no payment is made up front and this makes it very affordable. The downside to this is that most employment law organisations will only take a case on this basis if there is at least 50% chance of winning. This means that often, more complex cases, or those that require some up-front investigation, are rejected by traditional law firms. If your case is taken on, the fee from any award or settlement is usually 35%.

At Plotkin and Chandler our No Win, No Fee* service is a bit different.

We know that some cases will reach the 50% threshold if some effort is put in on the investigation, which means often we will take your case where others won’t. When we do take a case, our fee is just 30% of your award or settlement because we know it’s very likely you’ll need that money to move forward.

Case Study

Charlie’s story – No Win, No Fee

 Charlie was an employee that believed he had been unfairly discriminated against by his employer. The treatment at work had made him so ill that he wasn’t well enough to attend work and had been absent for a number of weeks receiving no sick pay. With no savings, Charlie’s family were having to pay his bills, which made him feel terrible.

Desperate and deeply distressed, he approached a number of law firms to help him challenge his company, but none were willing to take on his case on a ‘no win no fee’ basis. With no income to pay legal fees Charlie felt his situation was hopeless.

That’s when a friend told him about Plotkin and Chandler.

After a case review call, unlike the other firms Charlie had approached, we believed that Charlie’s case had a reasonable chance of success and was strong enough for us to take on with our no win, no fee service. We investigated the matter thoroughly and found evidence to support the allegations that Charlie was making.

Based on the evidence we’d uncovered, we approached Charlie’s employer and were able to negotiate an award for Charlie without the need to go to tribunal. The award was substantial enough to cover all the time that Charlie was on unpaid sickness absence as well as a cushion to allow him time to look for another job without worrying about the bills being paid.

When you book your FREE case review call we will give you an honest assessment of whether we can move forward with you on a ‘no win no fee’ basis.* If this isn’t possible because of the risk factors, but you want to proceed, then we can always take your case forward with an hourly rate arrangement.

*Plotkin & Chandler Limited is a claims management company. We are regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. If you cancel your claim after the 14 day cooling off period a cancellation fee may be payable. For further details of our terms and conditions, including the circumstances in which charges would apply,  please click the link.


Hourly Rate Service

The reason our founder, Dave Plotkin set up our company was to give more people access to legal support, so that they could fight back against bullying, discrimination and unfair treatment.

That’s why we keep our hourly rate as low as we possibly can. Where the hourly rates of other law firms can reach £250 per hour, with us you pay only £150

It’s also why we will do our best to get you a resolution as quickly as we can, so that your costs are kept down. Here’s a case study about a client we helped on an hourly rate basis.

Case Study

Joanna’s story – Hourly Rate Work

Joanna was an employee who couldn’t ignore things that her employer was doing that she believed were wrong. Unfortunately, after raising these issues she was made redundant and lost her job.

She lodged a claim against her employer by herself but then she was notified that her case would require a preliminary hearing. (Joanna’s employer had asked for this hearing because they were trying to get the case dismissed.) When she was advised that a preliminary hearing was necessary Joanna was worried because she didn’t know what she was required to do.

That’s when she contacted Plotkin and Chandler.

We agreed to help Joanna on an hourly rate basis with certain tasks rather than the whole case to keep her costs down. Then we set about reviewing her case.

What we found when we reviewed all the paperwork was that although Joanna had made reference to allegations in her claim form, they were very vague. We redrafted the claim form, setting out her case clearly and more strongly for the tribunal judge to review. We also assessed the value of the claim and added this to the documentation.

The Tribunal agreed with us that all the allegations could be heard, and Joanna later received a compensation award without the need to attend a tribunal.

Names have been changed to protect privacy.

If you would like to explore how Plotkin and Chandler can support you to resolve the issues you are having at work, book a call today.

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