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We explore Disciplinary Hearings

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Disciplinary Hearings

 By the time of a disciplinary hearing, some form of disciplinary investigations should have taken place. What happens during a disciplinary hearing should be consistent with the disciplinary procedures of the organisation. It is common for a representative of the organisation to present evidence against the employee at the hearing, and then the employee puts forward their views and presents any evidence which supports them.
There are many aspects to a properly managed disciplinary hearing, including:

  • It has been decided that any allegation(s) have substance and should be progressed to a hearing
  • The employee is entitled to be fully aware of the allegation(s) against them
  • Evidence is collected and presented to the employee in question
  • The employee is given an opportunity to respond with their own evidence

Whilst it is easy to get lost in the details or the process, the guiding principle should be that of fairness.

A thorough disciplinary investigation will bring the issues to light. The disciplinary hearing decision maker(s) should not be involved in the matter before the hearing. It is crucial that decision maker(s) maintain an open mind, give the employee an opportunity to have their say and then reach a view based on the evidence.

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