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What happens if you feel that you have not been treated properly? Perhaps, disciplinary action has been taken against you but you don’t know why, or you are facing a disciplinary hearing but don’t know what you need to do to ensure your voice is heard.


Have you been told you are not performing to the standard expected of you, and that you need to go through the capability procedure, without telling you what you are doing wrong or clearly identifying what steps you need to take in order to meet the grade?


Maybe you have told your employer that you are being bullied, or that you are being discriminated against, but nothing has been done about it, or you have kept it to yourself because of a fear that it will not be taken seriously or that you will lose your job due to being perceived as a trouble maker.  


Perhaps you have been subjected to such treatment that you need things to change but don’t know where to turn.


Plotkin & Chandler Limited is a claims management company regulated and authorised by the Financial Conduct Authority. Whatever issue you are facing, we are here to provide advice that is tailored to your needs. In addition, to advice we provide Employment Tribunal representation, ensuring that you receive assistance throughout the entire process.


If the issue arose after you joined Plotkin & Chandler’s membership scheme this support is included within your membership fee. If not, we can provide support on an hourly rate basis and may consider a no win no fee arrangement.

There are lots more topics that I could write about but being unsure what people search for I thought it best to hold off writing any more for now.


A few topics that spring to mind are:



Constructive dismissal


Unfair dismissal






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