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Any business knows that its employees are its greatest asset and it can be very damaging when things go wrong.


We can assist you with all aspects of HR and employment law. To find out more about our services, please view the links below.


HR Documentation

We can draft any documentation that you may need. Our documentation will be tailored to the needs of your organisation, and ensure compliance.

Some examples of such documentation are:

Drafting a contract of employment

Grievance procedures

disciplinary procedures

HR consultancy & training

Whatever the issue you are facing, our range of consultancy services mean that you need never go it alone.

Potential topics include:

outsourced HR services

Support with the interview process

Undertaking  disciplinary investigations

Providing advice or attendance at a  disciplinary hearing or a grievance meeting.

Supporting you with performance management

Advising you on how to deal with redundancies


To view our retained HR packages please click on the link, or if you would like to hear more about how we can help please contact us on either 020 3923 8616 or info@plotkinandchandler.com

We work exclusively in the areas of HR and Employment Law, meaning we are well placed to support you throughout the entire process of defending an Employment Tribunal including providing Employment Tribunal Representation.

5 Reasons to Choose Us

Specialist Expertise

We work exclusively on HR & employment law matters, which means that clients can be assured of our experience and expertise and we can provide a full range of services.

Cost Effective

We are passionate about keeping our overheads as low as possible so we are able to provide superior value to our clients. Our fees vary depending on your needs and how you would like to work with us.

Personalised Service

We believe in getting to know our clients and recognise that everyone has individual needs and requirements. We always ensure that our assistance reflects that.


We are committed to providing our clients with exceptional customer service. We frequently monitor phone calls and emails out of office hours because we know there are times when things just won’t wait.


We can offer assistance on the entire range of employment issues. Whether you would like basic advice over the phone or you would like us to visit your workplace ‘as part of your team’ we are happy to do so. Whether you would like ongoing support or assistance with a one off piece of work we can help.

Employment disputes happen in every organisation, and often these can be resolved amicably, with little fuss and bother….


But sometimes a problem can escalate and that’s when it can become one of the most destructive things that can happen to your business for many reasons…


It can affect productivity, not just of the employee directly involved, but everyone else that is watching and talking about the situation.


It takes time and energy away from other priorities to manage the problem.


It can result in financial and reputational loss if you get things wrong.


It can cause stress, frustration and anger for the people involved.

 That’s why it’s important to make the right decisions and tackle problems early.

The problem is that navigating employment law isn’t easy and just like in other areas of your business, sometimes you need to get an expert in to guide you through, that’s where we come in.

At Plotkin and Chandler, we don’t do anything but employment law and HR, and we spend an equal amount of time working with individuals and businesses. This gives us a deeper understanding of situations and helps our clients get to a successful outcome more quickly.

We are also different from other firms because we are flexible in the way that we provide services to you. There are a number of ways you can work with us:

We are happy to discuss undertaking work on a fixed fee basis. Tasks which are typically undertaken for a fixed price include:

  • Employment contract
  • Employee handbook
  • Policies and procedures
  • Bespoke drafting

We can help on a one-off basis to deal with any HR or employment law matter, weather you need a documentation audit or advice on matters such as:

  • Grievances
  • Disciplinaries
  • Performance related
  • Handling sickness

Drafting employment tribunal documentation and the necessary employment tribunal representation.

We can become part of your team, giving you from two hours of our time per month. You can use this time for immediate advice or support if an issue arises, or we can have regular monthly discussions. The choice is yours.

Clients may choose to use this time to have their HR documentation and  procedures reviewed or opt to receive HR consultancy and training.

This service is offered for a minimum term of 6 months

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