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Our Fees

We aim to be as flexible regarding our fees. There are four options available:

1. Retained HR Support

We can become part of your team, giving you from two hours of our time per month. You can use this time for immediate advice or support if an issue arises, or we can have regular monthly discussions.

Other clients use this time to get guidance on new policies, initiatives, and employment issues, so that they are legally compliant, preventing problems and avoiding the escalation that can cause so much distress all round.

Retained clients benefit from priority support and assistance, available outside of office hours. Our support hours can be used flexibly as a combination of telephone, email and in person support. Examples of in person support would be participation in a grievance meeting or disciplinary hearing, or undertaking disciplinary investigations etc.   

This service is offered for a minimum term of 6 months, on a rolling six month contract, and costs from £140 per month. The table below is an illustration of our fees for our retained services. If you require a larger amount of support than is referred to here, please contact us to discuss a support package which is tailored to your needs.

2. Fixed Price Work

We are happy to discuss undertaking work on a fixed fee basis. Tasks which are typically undertaken for a fixed price include:

  • Employment contract £250
  • Employee handbook   £250

Bespoke drafting can be typically be done for £75 depending on the extent of customisation required.  

3. Ad-Hoc HR Support

We can help on a one-off basis to deal with any employment law related matter.

Examples of such work include providing advice and support relating to:

  • Grievance issues
  • Disciplinary issues
  • Performance issues
  • Handling sickness absence etc.
  • Documentation audit.

Our rate for ad-hoc HR work is £85 per hour.

4. Employment Law Litigation

 Drafting employment tribunal documentation and  the necessary employment tribunal representation.

Our rate for litigation work is £150 an hour.

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