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We provide Outsourced HR Services

Is your business is too small to justify employing an in house HR advisor or you would simply prefer your HR issues to be handled outside of your organisation?

We have a range of outsourced HR packages designed to suit every budget, and to be used in a way that meets your specific requirements.

Our expertise in HR & Employment Law will ensure you can always be on the right track

How we can help your business

We can support you when you need help and advice as your ongoing Outsourced HR service. For example, drafting a contract of employment for a new employee,  undertaking an independent disciplinary investigation, or providing support with a disciplinary hearing. We do not simply provide documentation and expect you to complete the paperwork yourself. We will undertake as much or as little of the work you wish us to.

The ongoing support provided to our retained clients means that we are fully aware of their circumstances, issues and needs. This understanding enables us to be an extension of their team rather than simply an advice provider.

Our pricing is completely transparent, our aim is to make outsourced HR support a cost-effective option available to organisations of all sizes, providing the desired flexibility and ensuring that advice is always available.  If your business requires a greater amount of outsourced HR support than our published packages, please get in touch so that we can tailor a support package to your specific requirements.

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