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We explore employment tribunal representation, if you are facing an issue in this area, you may find this article gives you some pointers and highlights some further action.


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Employment Tribunal Representation


Whether you are bringing a claim or defending one, most people would find appearing before an employment tribunal to be a daunting prospect.

We represent individuals and organisations and can assist in all aspects of the process. Appearing before the Employment Tribunal is the last phase of the process, unless there is an appeal. The hearing is when witnesses are called, and the Tribunal makes a decision based on the evidence before it.

Before the hearing, there are a number of stages that need to be gone through first, such as:

  • Submission of the claim or defence
  • Valuing of the claim
  • Selecting witnesses
  • Exchanging evidence
  • Drafting of witness statements

We provide employment tribunal representation in house wherever possible and we aim to ensure that you are supported by the same person throughout the process. You can be assured that your representative knows your case well and therefore time and money will be saved as the file would not be passed to different people who need to get up to speed with any developments. It also means that the tasks that need to be attended to in preparation for the Employment Tribunal are addressed fully.

For our business clients we offer everything from drafting a contract of employment to providing Employment Tribunal representation. By being involved at the outset, in providing HR services, we can ensure that costly mistakes are avoided, and procedures are followed correctly. This involvement will help matters to run smoothly, but if things do escalate further we will be fully aware of the situation and will be well placed to defend claims on behalf of employer clients.

If you would like assistance with any aspect of the litigation process we would be delighted to hear from you, we are flexible in the way that we offer support. We can assist either on a project basis or you can sign up to one of our packages contact us for more information

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