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If you are passionate about ensuring that people have the best experience at work, we would love to talk to you.

Perhaps you help applicants to find work for the first time or you assist people to find that next opportunity, or you see our membership scheme as a protection product that could complement your existing offering to clients. The sector you are in does not matter. What does is a belief that people should have access to affordable, individualised employment law and HR support.

People who have the benefit of such support are likely to be more productive and to remain in their role longer because having support at their fingertips means that problems can be nipped in the bud.

Why partner with us?

  • The market is substantial: the majority of the working population do not have access to such support.
  • There is a need for such support. Our video above shows that 1 in 3 of us will experience problems in the workplace at some point during our working life and our scheme addresses that need.
  • We would provide a commission on each membership that was taken out as a result of the promotional efforts of our partners. This commission would remain for as long as the person continued to be a member.
  • Each partner has a unique identification reference making it effortless to establish where members have come from.

If you’re interested in finding out more about how you can become a partner, contact us

Did you know that one in three people will have a problem at work at some point in their career?

These problems can result in stress, illness, and in the worst-case scenario…loss of livelihood.

In the current climate where there is tension and uncertainty affecting job security, relationships at work, and the legal landscape… when something does go wrong it’s not easy to get help.

Unions will always assess an individual case in relation to their broader aims and will also limit access to legal professionals. Legal aid is not available, and most employment law firms and insurance companies will only take the case if they believe, based on the surface facts only, that there is a good chance of winning the case.

The trouble is that often the facts that make the difference to the odds of winning need a little digging first to uncover them.

That’s why we’ve launched a brand-new, fully regulated, membership scheme that protects people should any issue arise with their employment.

Our membership plans offer unlimited support for grievance, disciplinary or performance-related issues that arise after joining, all for just £15 a month for individuals and £30 a month for families. The scheme enables us to spend time with our members, making sure that the full facts surface and they are able to get an outcome that protects their future. 

At Plotkin and Chandler we don’t encourage people to embark on litigation, as most people only need a small amount of employment law advice to stay in their job, but if needed the support will be there. Whilst a few scheme members may need support all the way to tribunal, many will only require phone support every now and then, and others will have the scheme for peace of mind, but never need it at all.

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