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Our mission statement

To make personalised employment law advice accessible to everyone in the UK

Our milestones

We came into existence in 2016 and initially delivered HR support to organisations. In 2018, we gained authorisation to represent individuals too. This means that we offer a full range of services to employers and employees.

 Our values

To make the world a fairer place – we believe that everyone should be treated fairly, and that providing personalised advice is a way of achieving that.

To remember that everyone is unique – everyone has different needs, concerns and priorities. Recognising that ensures that a solution is reached that is right for you.

To put clients first – all of our clients have a single point of contact and often receive support from the same advisor from start to finish.

 To be inclusive – our mission is to make personalised advice available to everyone. As you may have guessed everyone is important to us.

To think differently – our range of services separates us from competitors

Our story

 “Many years ago, I was badly treated at work. At that time, I occupied a fairly junior role in the organisation: I was a small cog in a large machine.  I was committed to my job and simply wanted to be treated properly. I sought advice from a trade union. From the outset they were discouraging – simply telling me that what I was alleging would be hard to prove. That may have been the case, but it didn’t make it any less true I thought.

It was a traumatic experience because I felt as if my advisor did not take the time to understand even basic details. I was only given limited information about what was going on and I had a sense that my case had been taken out of my hands. My worst fears were confirmed when a hearing took place and certain parts of my claim were struck out due to being out of time (something which could have been avoided).

Shortly before the full hearing, the union pulled out and I was left having to represent myself and having to work with the hand I had been dealt. It did not go well. The odds were stacked against me: part of the claim had been struck out, other elements that I thought had been included had not been and the documentation which would have revealed the truth had never been requested by my advisor and it was too late by then.

 Even back then I felt how unfair it was, and how things could have been so different if only there was someone who wanted to listen and was committed to searching for answers that can be hard to find. I had a sense that I never wanted anyone to feel the way I did.

 Even at the height of the unpleasantness in my story, I felt that the organisation would not have wanted things to turn out this way. I believe now, and then, that the actions of those involved did not reflect the character of the organisation as a whole. Steps could have been taken, at various points along the way, to stop things escalating the way they did, which in turn would have enabled me to remain with the organisation. Sadly, those opportunities were missed by the organisation and the rest is history. We help employers to be the best that they can be, not just because it is the right thing to do but because it makes sense from a business perspective too.

 We support individuals too. Whether it is offering a union alternative, accepting cases on a no win no fee’ basis or on a traditional hourly rate, we are committed to removing a situation where people say  ‘if only I had heard of you when it was happening, I couldn’t take it further as I didn’t know what to do”.

David Plotkin – Founder of  Plotkin & Chandler

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